FS10 Under Counter Water Filter

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Inline Connect FS10 under counter water filter system.

Featuring NEW ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM Hybrid filter technology for optimum filtered water on demand.


The FS10 is designed to meet the needs of virtually any home and family:

-Ideal for use with most tap or well water

-Flow rated at 2gpm maximum 4

-Features new high capacity ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM “all-in-one” filter cartridge

-Removes/reduces 220+ contaminants – learn more below

-Independent lab tested to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, P231 and 401 standards

-Filter good for up to one year with standard inline installation and up to 2 years with optional separate faucet installation (Up to 2000 gallons)

-FS10 requires NO electricity

-Overall dimensions: 7.25” x 18.5” (with bracket)

-Made from durable Polypropylene and BPA free

-Includes wrench for easy filter replacement, mounting bracket, lead-free fittings and 3/8” fitting braided flex hose

-Can be installed inline (cold water) with existing faucet or with optional faucet

-Can be used two-way for both sink and refrigerator with optional 1/4″ T-valve (refrigerator)

-Replacement Filter: PM-FS10RF


Learn More About ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM Technology


ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM high efficiency encapsulated multi-stage water filter technology from ProOne® includes:

-Electro absorptive non-woven technology which removes a wide range of submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals and cellular

debris using its naturally occurring electro-positive charge

-Multiple stages comprised of infused micro-structure water filtration media in tandem, each stage comprised of a unique proprietary formula

engineered to target a specific group of contaminants

-Catalytic GAC (granular activated carbon) with enhanced carbon media to help improve taste, odor and performance in contaminant removal


The FS10 FULL SPECTRUMTM filter is engineered for unsurpassed performance and maximum contaminant reduction. Independent lab reports show the ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM reduces/removes a broad range of over 220 contaminants including VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS and micro-organisms. Helps improve taste and odor. Contains no resins or beads.


Your #1 Choice in Under Counter Water Filters!

ProOne® Water Filters offers affordable water filtration systems to help improve the quality of your water. Dedication to innovation, extensive testing, and exceptional customer service is our commitment to you! Get the Most tested, Most trusted Under counter water filter on the market today!



Click here for lab report (now includes HAA5)

Click here for instructions

Click here for filter technology comparison chart

Weight 12 lbs


14 reviews for FS10 Under Counter Water Filter

  1. John (verified owner)

    very good quality, am pretty happy with my purchase

  2. RK

    I had the FS10 installed under my kitchen sink with a separate faucet 18 months ago and I am very happy with its performance. We use it for all our drinking need, including tea, coffee, shakes, etc., as well as for washing veggies. The filter is still going strong! The filtered water’s taste hasn’t changed and it’s flow rate hasn’t slowed down that I can tell.
    Thanks, ProOne!

  3. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    We received the FS10 system about 3 weeks ago now. My husband was able to install it easily (& he is not the handy one!), and we’ve been enjoying clean water ever since! The replacement filter cost ends up being much more affordable than any other option I found (filtered water bottles, pitchers, etc) and I’m very happy with our decision.

  4. Sal Indelicato (verified owner)

    Great product great fresh tasting water. I got tired of refilling gravity fed systems. This easy to install Filter solved all my problems. I highly recommend this product to people all the time

  5. M Larsen (verified owner)

    We love our FS10 water filter. I installed it myself under the kitchen sink. We wanted a water filter to reduce the cost and waste of using so many throw away plastic bottles. I just received my FS10 replacement filter that I ordered. We don’t need the replacement yet, just thought it would be handy to have a backup ready to go.

  6. Mark

    I’ve been using the FS10 filter system at my cottage (in central Ontario, Canada), drawing lake water, for a few years now. It is a seasonal property so we are only there off and on between May and October. I use it with a dedicated faucet for drinking water and change the filter every 2 years. I haven’t had the water tested but I think the water quality has been exceptional. I can’t detect any odours or taste. Very clean and clear. A contractor I had out last year working on our roof said he’s tried drinking water running through different systems at various locations (on lakes) in the area over many years but had never tasted water this good. This has saved me a bundle from having to buy bottled water (and the large plastic bottles!) and the hassle of hauling over by boat. Best investment I’ve made at the cottage.

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