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Do you give your pet tap water?

Wondering if filtered water is a better alternative?

In households across the country, our pets are truly members of the family. You may care so much for your pets that you spend hours researching the best products and practices for raising healthy animals. From food, to treats, toys, medications, and even insurance, you want the best. But one thing many pet owners may be overlooking is the water they give to their pets. As issues with water contaminants are becoming increasingly common, some experts recommend your pets have access to filtered water. Let’s look at the top reasons your pet should get filtered water.

Top 5 Benefits of Filtered Water for Pets

When your pet drinks fresh filtered water regularly, you can expect to see these amazing benefits.

  1. Taste – Filtered water tastes amazing. The great taste will help encourage your pet to drink more and maintain a healthy level of hydration. Good hydration is important especially in the hot summer weather!
  2. Healthy Skin – Chlorine and high mineral content in tap or well water can dry out your pet’s skin. This can be especially irritating to animals with any kind of skin issues or allergies. Filtered water, on the other hand, will have less chlorine and a better balance of minerals. This is optimal for healthy skin and coats. Bathing your pets with filtered water will help take these benefits even further.
  3. Contaminant Free – Contaminants like heavy metals, excessive mineral content, and even bacteria aren’t ideal for drinking water. Certain contaminants in your tap water may be present at levels that are perfectly safe for humans, but not so for dogs, cats, and other pets. Water filtration systems help reduce contaminant levels to make your water safe and healthier for everyone.
  4. Essential Nutrients – High mineral levels in water, or hard water, aren’t the best for your pet. Yet, the minerals we get from healthy drinking water are essential nutrients for us and our pets. So, processes that remove all minerals, like distillation and reverse osmosis, leave us with water that’s less than perfect. ProOne filters help keep a healthy level of minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  5. Reduced Tear Stains – Amazingly, filtered water can help reduce tear stains, a common issue with some pet breeds. Iron content in tears causes stains on pet fur and can be difficult to clean. Filtering your drinking water will help reduce the iron content in your water and in your pet’s tears which can significantly reduce staining.

Improve the Quality of Your Water with a ProOne Countertop Water Filter

Water filtration is a science, but we’ve done all the hard work for you! At ProOne Water Filters, we’ve engineered easy to use countertop water filter systems that will help benefit you and your pet. Our products are tested by an independent lab for the best results.

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