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Has a boil water advisory been issued for your location?

What does that mean?

A boil water advisory is a notice issued by your local public health department or a government notification advising customers to boil tap water before consumption due to possible pathogen contamination.

This means your water could contain contamination such as bacteria or viruses that could cause illness. These advisories are usually prompted by power outages, natural disasters, and water line breaks. During a boil water advisory, the CDC recommends using bottled water or boiled tap water for much of your water use. You may want to consult your local water or health department for guidance during such an occurrence.

A boil water advisory could last for several days or even weeks depending on what’s causing the issue. Think of all the money you’ll have to spend on bottled water for cleaning and cooking!

Before you get too stressed, there’s a solution that can save you money and give you the peace of mind knowing your drinking water is safer.

Can Water Filters Help?

ProOne water filters can help remove some of the potential bacteria in your water supply. The ProOne G2.0 filter can remove:

Microbiological Contaminants (Bacteria)

The ProOne/Coldstream filter can help remove:

Visit ProOne independent lab reports for details on other contaminant reductions.

Filtering water can help reduce bacteria and viruses, but it shouldn’t be your only line of defense. Boil your water for at least one minute or longer as recommended by your local
water or health department and allow to cool down before use.

It’s rare the contaminant that caused the boil water advisory is revealed to the public, so don’t take a chance. To remove as many contaminants as possible, filter your water and then boil it.

Have Quick Access to Filtered Water with Water Filter Pitchers

What makes ProOne different from other water filter pitchers?

In traditional water filter pitchers, the filter sits in the filtered water, potentially allowing cross-contamination of your drinking water. The unique design of the ProOne Water Filter Pitcher positions the filter upright in the container, out of the filtered water, eliminating the potential for cross-contamination and ensuring the purest possible drinking water.

Don’t wait for a boil water advisory to happen in your community. Have access to filtered water with ProOne products today.

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