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Did you know that March 22nd is World Water Day?

Do you know how you’re affected by water sanitation?

World Water Day was created by the United Nations, and is all about promoting awareness of water waste and water sanitation. The United Nations states that, in conjunction with the Be the Change campaign, World Water Day “encourages people to take action in their lives to change how they use, consume and manage water.”

You don’t necessarily have to live in an unclean or impoverished environment to be affected by water sanitation. According to the CDC, “2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water at home.” Even for those who don’t live in a water crisis area, it is imperative to have easy access to uncontaminated water.

With grand movements like this, it can sometimes be hard for individuals to think of practical ways to contribute, even with something that is so integral to our lives. But there is actually a very painless solution: water filter pitchers.

ProOne offers a water pitcher that filters out up to 99.9% of lead and over 220 contaminants. Not only does a ProOne water filter pitcher helps provide clean water, but it also greatly reduces the number of disposable plastic water bottles that are discarded, which in turn helps avoid future water contamination around the world.

Getting a water filter pitcher may seem like a simple step, because it is! But this simple step makes a big impact on not only access to clean water, but also the amount of water wasted via other sources.

You can order a ProOne water filter pitcher and in turn, save all the money that you could be spending on bottled water. Celebrate World Water Day with clean drinking water!

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