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Have you tested your tap water for contaminants?

Are you overlooking PFAS?

According to an article from CBS, “studies that show half of the country’s tap water could be contaminated with potentially toxic compounds” like PFAS. States with multiple sites of PFAS contamination include Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, and California.

Poly and perfluoroalkyl substances, commonly called PFAS, are a class of chemicals that can be found in everyday items, like makeup, clothing, and non-stick cookware. They’re often referred to as “forever chemicals,” because it takes them decades to break down. These substances can enter the water, air, earth, and can be found in animals and humans!

“We know drinking water is one of the most common sources of PFAS exposure” said Sydney Evans at Environmental Working Group, who conducted a survey on water filter PFAS reduction. The survey tested water filter pitchers and gravity systems. The top three filters reduced PFAS to non-detectable levels and the fourth filter removed 98% of PFAS.

ProOne Water Filters can also help reduce a high percentage of PFAS class chemicals!

The ProOne G2.0 gravity filters, which are used in both the water filter pitcher and gravity systems like the Big+ and Traveler+, removes 95.92 – 97.96% of PFOA and 98.96% of PFOS, the most common chemicals in the PFAS class. The ProOne Water Filter Pitcher also has a unique design that has the filter sit outside of the water, preventing any cross-contamination.

ProOne stainless-steel gravity systems are completely NSF certified, including the ProOne G2.0 filter and stainless-steel gravity housing. The filters are cleanable, reusable, and have a filter life of up to 6 months. Replacement filters cost $41.95 – $83.95 depending on the size and can be purchased in bulk for a discount.

ProOne Water Filters are PFAS Water Filters!

Not interested in a gravity system?

ProOne Water Filters pressure systems, which include whole home, countertop, and under the counter water filters can help reduce PFAS chemicals by 91.49 – 99.9% depending on the system. View our lab reports for more details!

To purchase quality PFAS water filters, shop ProOne today!