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Do you think of bottled water as pure and free from any contaminants?

You may be surprised to know bottled water is not as pure as you think! No water is completely free from contaminants and the standards for bottled water are actually based on the standards for tap water, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What Contaminants Can Be Found in Bottled Water?

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are over 90 contaminants that are regulated in drinking water. These include microorganisms, heavy metals like lead and copper, and disinfectants. Consumer Reports found in a study that 43 out of 47 bottled water brands tested contained some levels of PFAS chemicals and all contained heavy metals, albeit low levels.

What else is different about bottled water?

Bottled Water is Considered a Food Product

Bottled water is regulated by the EPA and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Similar to food products, bottled water must meet strict FDA labeling rules. Because of this, there are many classifications of water based on where they come from:

Some Bottled Water Comes from Tap Water

Another source water manufacturers may use is a municipal source – AKA tap water. The manufacturers will take this tap water and treat it before it’s bottled.

While bottled water isn’t unsafe, here are some reasons you should filter your water instead:

Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water:

You know where it comes from – When you use your home’s own water, you know the source. Whether you use a well or city system, you can test your water for contaminants and get a clear and relatively consistent understanding of the makeup of your water.

Convenient – It’s easier to grab a glass of water from home than to drive to the store for bottled water!

Remove contaminants – No water is 100% free from contaminants, but ProOne water filters do a great job at removing over 220 contaminants! See independent lab reports for each of our filters!

Save money – Using your own water rather buying water bottles can save you a considerable amount of money each year.

Save environment – The majority of plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable, but often end up in landfills. By drinking filtered water instead of bottled, you can reduce plastic waste.

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