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ProOne gravity countertop water filters

It’s a new year!

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions?

ProOne may be able to help with these resolutions:

Drink More Water – Water filtered by ProOne filters has a great taste that makes drinking water more enjoyable!

Improve Wellness – Want better looking hair and skin? A ProOne shower filter can help by removing chlorine and other contaminants that may affect your hair. Filtered water may also help you achieve your fitness goals. Filtered water tastes better than the chlorinated municipal water that may be at the gym and keeps you refreshed and hydrated!

Decrease Carbon Footprint – Instead of buying water bottles that wind up in our landfills, fill up your reusable water bottle with ProOne filtered water at the tap!

Save Money – Use your own water rather than buy it. When one water bottle costs around $1.29 according to Flowater, a ProOne water filter will pay for itself!

Cook More Often – Cooking with water that tastes and smells great makes for better tasting food!

Have a Cleaner Home – Clean, odorless water makes for cleaner dishes, brighter clothes, and better running appliances!

Tested To NSF Standards – Whole Home, Gravity, Shower, and Countertop Water Filters

Any time is the perfect time to choose clean ProOne filtered water!

No matter the type of filter, ProOne whole home, gravity, and countertop water filters are tested to NSF/ANSI standards to ensure you’re getting a great quality filter!

Shop ProOne water filters today!