General Questions

We do not use alumina/aluminum components or derivatives in our filters.

We suggest discarding your filter elements in the trash.

Instructions are attached to each product on their product page, or you can find all of the instructions available here  https://prooneusa.com/instructions/

You will find warranty guidelines on the last page of your instruction booklet.

ProOne® products are made of both domestic and imported components and assembled in Michigan.

TDS stands for “total dissolved solids”. This means that a TDS meter is measuring the total amount of minerals within your water. Because our filter elements remove only the bad minerals while leaving in the good, a TDS test for ProOne filtered water may not vary much from your original water source.

Please note that if you are looking to test for total contaminant removal, you will need to perform an actual water test specific to the contaminants of concern.

Our filters take out the bad contaminants while allowing the good minerals in your water source to pass through. Our filters will not change the PH of your water.

While on a lab report page, use the key command “Ctrl F” on a PC or “Command F” on a Mac to search for a  specific contaminant and its removal rate.

Gravity System & Filter Questions

Scrub the filter under cold running water with the green side of your sponge (not allowing water to go inside of the blue stem). After scrubbing your filters, cycle three batches of water and dump them, start drinking your water on the fourth cycle for the best taste.

We recommend cleaning your system and filters at least once a month.

Our ProOne® G2.0 gravity filters do not use coconut-based or corn carbons.

Using one of the ProOne G2.0 filters at a time will have a general lifespan of up to 6 months with continual daily use, using more filters at a time will add their lifespan together and increase the flowrate at the same time. So using two filters at a time will add up to 12 months of filtration and increase the flow rate. Using three at a time will add up to 18 months of lifespan and have the fastest flow rate.

Pressure System & Filter Questions

Our pressurized systems do use coconut carbons.

This is oxygen in your water. Allow your water to run through the system to push all of the extra air. It will disappear after time.

Unscrew where the connection is leaking and add extra Teflon Tape around the threads of the fitting and reinsert tightly back in the system.

Yes, this is normal and the water is safe to drink. The more you use the system, the less air you will see in your water.