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Do you filter your tap water at home?

We would all like to believe that we’re making the best decisions for our homes and families, but even the most attentive individuals can miss an important detail here and there. And while the EPA regulates more than 90 proven health-risk contaminants in the water that comes out of our faucets, trace amounts of undesirables still get by.

Concerns are also increasing about a growing number of new emerging toxins which aren’t yet regulated and pose potential health issues, including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), pharmacological compounds, endocrine (hormone) disrupters, PFASs (polyfluorinated substances), and more.

Water filtration at home provides an increasingly important safety barrier to your drinking water, filtering out a wide spectrum of contaminants to improve taste and odor and ensure your family has access to the cleanest possible water from the tap. Home water filtration devices and countertop water filter systems come in many shapes and sizes and serve a variety of uses – all with the goal of providing your household with the cleanest water possible. But many filters require frequent maintenance, costly upkeep, and even full system replacements. These can often be made of non-recyclable plastic or corrosion-prone metals which don’t offer prolonged protection against a range of potential contaminants in your water.

Countertop gravity water filtration systems are highly popular and often preferred because they’re lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal space for operation. When the upper chamber is filled with your source water, the weight of the water along with gravity helps water percolate through the microscopic pores of the gravity filters filtering out contaminants, into the lower storage tank. Just open the spigot in the lower container for great-tasting water. Most important, gravity systems help the environment by reducing single-use plastic waste. 

Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter

ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter is perfect for personal daily use of up to 4 people with no electricity or plumbing required. An easy-to-clean 2.25 gallon capacity reservoir provides clean, fresh water to families at home or even on a camping adventure, while the stainless steel body provides an appealing, mirror-like aesthetic appearance.

The Traveler+ is made from 304-grade stainless steel for long-lasting durability, corrosion resistance, and reduced reliance on plastic accessories. A high-quality metal, 304-grade steel is commonly used in commercial food processing and appliances. 

The unique countertop gravity filtration system is easy to install, and uses ProOne G2.0 gravity filter technology to bring you clean drinking water of bacteria, harmful heavy metals including Lead, and other contaminants such as fluoride, VOC’s and more. 

With an expanded 3-gallon capacity, the stainless steel ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter System is an ideal home water filtration device for larger families or the workplace. To view how much water is in the lower container, simply lift the upper container to see inside the lower chamber or for additional convenience, include the ProOne stainless steel sight glass spigot to view the water level at any time.

Both the Big+ Water Filter and the Traveler + include a 304-grade stainless steel spigot, a non-slip pad and stainless steel rack. 

All ProOne Gravity water systems feature the ProOne G2.0 all-in-one filter technology:

By using a home water filtration device, you’re helping both your family’s wellbeing and the environment in potentially significant ways. Skip the pricy, environmentally devastating bottled water and find the perfect water filter solution for your home today at ProOneUSA.com.

Image credit: @piperbackholm