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Waterborne illness can impact a person’s health in a way that defies hyperbole. Nobody cries wolf in the world of giardiasis – an intestinal infection resulting from giardia parasites entering the body. 

There is nothing pleasant about giardia. Symptoms of giardiasis can take up to 3 weeks to appear, and include cramping, bloating, weight loss, nausea and enough urgent digestive problems to keep you bathroom-bound. Giardia infections can last for 3-6 weeks, while intestinal issues can persist for months. 

How do you get giardia?

Swallowing contaminated water is the most common basis for giardia infection, generally contracted in lakes, ponds, streams and other surface water found in the wild. Occasionally, giardia outbreaks can happen in public locations such as water parks, swimming pools and wells.

Improperly handled agricultural runoff, wastewater discharge and wild animal feces are often the culprits behind contamination of waterways and natural bodies of water. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the two leading modes of transmission for giardia outbreaks are water exposure and person-to-person contact. 

Humans can transmit giardia infection to each other if the feces of infected people are transmitted to others, and someone swallows giardia cysts (a protective shell allowing the parasite to survive outside the intestines). For example, dirty diapers are a particular risk, a heightened concern for child care workers and child care facilities. 

There are several medications designed to treat giardiasis and prevent contamination by giardia parasites, but prevention is a far easier process – and knowledge is key. 

Do water filters remove giardia? 

Clean drinking water is essential. A water filter or purifier should be at the top of your packing list for all camping or hiking trips – it’s even a good idea to have at home, for treating your tap water. When traveling with family or groups of friends, a filtration device allows you to treat water from any source, minimizing the risk of waterborne illness as you make it safe for drinking. 

ProOne Scout Portable Gravity Water Filter

Scout II Portable Water Filter is a compact, lightweight and easy to carry water filter that provides a great option for clean water on the go without the need for purification tablets or chemical treatment. Made of durable BPA, BPS & BPF-free plastic, the Scout II Portable Water Filter removes bacteria, viruses and other common parasites like giardia from your water supply, leaving you with safe, potable water for camping or backpacking. 

The Scout II is equipped with the ProOne G2.0 Prepper ceramic filter, NSF/ANSI-42 component certified and independent lab tested to remove over 200 contaminants including lead and other heavy metals, chloramines, VOC’s, fluoride and more. 

The device is easy to disassemble and transport, with a nested size of 9.25” x 5” (in use, it extends to 14” x 5”). It holds a generous 1.5 liters of water (54oz.), and utilizes a carbon filter with activated carbon. 

Polished Traveler+ with Stand | Countertop water filtration

Countertop Water Filtration Systems

ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter is ideal for multiple people, with a 2.25 gallon capacity reservoir to suit thirsty groups. Perfect for either home/office use or hassle-free transport to little league games, camping adventures and beyond. ProOne’s unique countertop water filtration system uses reverse osmosis to bring you clean drinking water free of harmful heavy metals, bacteria and protozoa. A simple setup with no electricity or plumbing required, the device is made from 304 stainless steel for long lasting durability, and also includes a stainless 304 spigot and a non-slip pad.

Taking your health seriously allows for trouble-free adventures in the Great Outdoors. Preparation is key – prevent waterborne illness with a ProOne Water Filter – explore what suits your needs at ProOneUsa.com.