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Does your home use well water?

The majority of American homes get water from a private well. The advantage of well water is that it’s your water. You don’t have to pay to use it and you can use as much as you want. It also doesn’t have the chlorine and fluoride that’s added to city water.

However, while well water is convenient, there are some disadvantages.

It’s Unregulated – Did you know it’s up to you to evaluate if your well water is safe? Private well water is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), meaning it’s your duty to check the safety of the water. Potential contaminants include bacteria, minerals, lead, pesticides, fertilizer nitrates, and more. You should professionally test the water for contaminants yearly to ensure it’s safe.

It’s Usually Hard Water – Well water is groundwater that comes from an aquifer. Rain and runoff seep through the ground and replenish the water supply. While sitting underground, the water can break down minerals in the soil – like calcium and magnesium – adding them to the water supply. Well water usually requires softening and filtration to remove these minerals.

It Can Damage Your Appliances – The minerals in well water can make it difficult to get dishes or clothes clean, and it can build up into limescale, damaging appliances. Hard water can also leave orange stains in toilets and sinks, and damage light clothing.

It Can Smell – Well water can contain sulfur, which gives off a rotten egg smell, making it less than appetizing for drinking and cooking.

Filter Your Well Water with the ProHome™ Complete Whole House Water Filter System

Whole house water filter system

Have you noticed limescale, staining, or a smell to your water?

Are you ready to do something about it?

To clean your water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, you’ll need a water filtration system for your entire home.

The ProHome™ Complete Whole House Water Filtration System is a 4-stage compact whole house water filtration system that removes 220+ contaminants like lead, iron, and calcium. Better smelling, tasting, softer, and cleaner water is one installation away!

Give us a call to help determine which system best fits your needs and household! Call (800)544-3533 today!

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