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  • What are Forever Chemicals?

    Are you drinking unfiltered water? Do you want to remove persistent contaminants? Did you know that some contaminants take decades to break down? Forever chemicals, also called PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances), are chemicals found in everyday items, such as makeup, cookware, clothing, and industrial materials. They can enter the water system, food chain, plants,...

  • What are the Benefits of ProOne Pressure Systems vs. Reverse Osmosis?

    Is clean, fresh water important to you and your family? Do you want to improve the quality of your home’s water? You may have heard of reverse osmosis water filter systems. These systems work by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane that allows water molecules to move through, but blocks contaminants and dissolved solids. Instead...

  • How A Water Filtration System Can Help Reduce Microplastics

    Have you been hearing more about microplastics recently? Microplastics have been in the news after a study came out that asserts humans may consume a credit card’s worth of plastic every week. What Are Microplastics? Microplastics are plastic debris particles less than five millimeters in size. There are some microplastics even smaller than this called...

  • What is Giardia?

    Waterborne illness can impact a person’s health in a way that defies hyperbole. Nobody cries wolf in the world of giardiasis – an intestinal infection resulting from giardia parasites entering the body.  There is nothing pleasant about giardia. Symptoms of giardiasis can take up to 3 weeks to appear, and include cramping, bloating, weight loss,...

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