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What Shouldn’t Be in Your Water

Do you ever stop and wonder what might be in your drinking water? Are you considering buying a water filter? Not convinced that you need one? Water is a fundamental element of our daily lives, but not all water is created equal. Ensuring that your water is clean and safe is crucial for your health...

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Gravity Water Filter
Why Give Pets Filtered Water?

Do you give your pet tap water? Wondering if filtered water is a better alternative? In households across the country, our pets are truly members of the family. You may care so much for your pets that you spend hours researching the best products and practices for raising healthy animals. From food, to treats, toys,...

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Cat drinking | countertop water filter
The Importance of Regular Water Filter Maintenance

Does your filtered water have a bad taste or smell? How often are you replacing your filters? Replacing your filters and performing regular maintenance on your water filter system is important to keep it working properly. A clean system will filter out contaminants more efficiently, keeping your water clean while removing any bad taste and...

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A dirty vs clean filter | Countertop water filter
Is Bottled Water What You Think it is?

Do you think of bottled water as pure and free from any contaminants? You may be surprised to know bottled water is not as pure as you think! No water is completely free from contaminants and the standards for bottled water are actually based on the standards for tap water, according to the Centers for...

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Water bottles lined up | Countertop water filter
Do ProOne Countertop Water Filters Remove Fluoride in Water?

In a word: Absolutely. Fluoride, lead and chlorine are just 3 of over 200 contaminants removed/reduced by ProOne water filters. But first, in order to understand what we’re dealing with, let’s take a step back and explore what water fluoridation is, and why it’s in our water supply.  What is Fluoride? Why is Fluoride in...

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What is The Best Water Filter?

How often do you think about what’s in your water? Given the exploding industry around milk alternatives, or the casual nuance people speak of the differences in how their beef and poultry are raised, it’s a surprise that we don’t put more cultural emphasis on quality of water in the home. We all drink water...

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