What are Forever Chemicals?

Are you drinking unfiltered water? Do you want to remove persistent contaminants? Did you know that some contaminants take decades to break down? Forever chemicals, also called PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances), are chemicals found in everyday items, such as makeup, cookware, clothing, and industrial materials. They can enter the water system, food chain, plants,...

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A person washing their hands at the kitchen sink | countertop water filtration system
What is The Best Water Filter?

How often do you think about what’s in your water? Given the exploding industry around milk alternatives, or the casual nuance people speak of the differences in how their beef and poultry are raised, it’s a surprise that we don’t put more cultural emphasis on quality of water in the home. We all drink water...

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Why are Gravity Water Filters Stainless Steel?

Do you filter your tap water at home? We would all like to believe that we’re making the best decisions for our homes and families, but even the most attentive individuals can miss an important detail here and there. And while the EPA regulates more than 90 proven health-risk contaminants in the water that comes out of...

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