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Your access to water is about to get upgraded. Feel good from the inside out.


Whether on the go, for emergency preparedness, or for daily use, be at ease knowing you have clean drinkable water with a ProOne® Gravity water filtration system. This countertop water filter dispenser is the perfect companion for any camping trip, gathering, or kitchen.



  • -Removes over 200+ contaminants, like Lead,  Fluoride, and VOC’s. Visit our lab reports for full details on the 200+ tested contaminants
  • -No electricity or plumbing required
  • -30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 5-year limited warranty (Stainless), 1-year limited warranty (ProOne® G2.0)
  • -ProOne G2.0 ceramic filters are NSF/ANSI – 42 component certified – Independent lab tested to NSF standards 42, 53, P231, microplastics, 1,4 Dioxane, Microcystin, emerging contaminants, PFOAS (GenX), TTHM’s, Fluoride, Lead, and more
  • -Infused bacteriostatic outer ceramic shell and proprietary carbon-based granular media inside the core of the filter
  • -Includes stainless 304 spigot, a non-slip pad, and stainless steel rack


For best product care, clean the entire filtration system once a month and replace the filter when necessary. Please see the instruction manual for further details on product cleaning and maintenance.


ProOne Gravity System including the ProOne G2.0 Ceramic Gravity Countertop Water Filter and stainless steel housing are NSF/ANSI-42 Component Certified!


ProOne® Water Filters offers affordable water filtration systems to help improve the quality of your water. Dedication to innovation, extensive testing, and exceptional customer service is our commitment to you! Get the only NSF certified gravity countertop water filter on the market today!



Click here for lab report

Click here for instructions


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Filter Options

1 ProOne® G2.0 5" Filter Element, 2 ProOne® G2.0 7" Filter Elements


Polished, Brushed


2.25 Gallons


30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 5-year limited warranty (Stainless), 1-year limited warranty (ProOne® G2.0)


Stainless steel unit, filter(s), knob kit, spigot kit and wrench, wire stand, non-slip pad, plug(s), sponge, instruction booklet


ProOne® G2.0 Series water filter cartridge is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.


86 reviews for Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter

  1. Abbie Kaufmann (verified owner)

    I love this water filter! My water tastes cleaner. Love it!

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    The Traveler+ is a very nice filter, water tastes far better and the added sight glass spigot helps a family of eight remember to refill the top tank so that we always have clean water.

  3. John (verified owner)

    I purchased the Pro One traveler as a gift for my girlfriend because her tap water taste terrible. She gives it a big thumbs up. She loves it and it has improved the taste of her tap water.

  4. Katherine Matthews (verified owner)

    This filter gives me peace of mind knowing that PFAS are being removed, it makes me drink more water. It only takes 90 seconds for my faucet to fill this up, I timed it. I did notice the filtering slows down every few weeks around when it needs to be cleaned, and then it speeds back up after cleaning. It’s also so cute and everyone so sees it wants one. Water tastes better, I do a blind tasting with everyone who comes to my place.

  5. John Gilmore (verified owner)

    As you can see by all the other reviews this gravity water filtration system is friggen fantastic. We love it. We are a family of 3 and it suits us perfectly. We couldn’t be happier. After extensive research my daughter decided from all the testing results provided that this would be the cleanest, best filtered, and sustainable water filter option for us and it definitely is. Two thumbs up. 10/10 would recommend. Great product. Great customer service. We couldn’t be happier, honestly.

  6. Kasey (verified owner)

    This is the best water filter ever! Super easy to install and very effective! I love this company so much. Their customer service is great. I will definitely be purchasing a shower head from them soon.

  7. Ricky Latimer (verified owner)

    This is an absolute must have system. It is just my wife and I so we purchased the traveler size gravity feed system. What a difference in the taste of our water, neither of us has been big water drinkers but for the past 2 weeks we have been drinking so much of it, we absolutely Love it. Great Purchase, you will not regret it. ❤️❤️

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    The Traveler+ has been a great addition to our household. The instructions made it easy to assemble and get prepped for its first use. It has made a huge difference in our water and we are so excited to have it for years to come!

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