FS10 Under Counter Replacement Filter

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Found only from ProOne®, the FS10 features ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM high-efficiency multi-stage water filter technology. This is our most advanced inline water filter replacement element.


FS10 Replacement Filter includes:

– Electro absorptive non-woven technology removes a wide range of submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals, and cellular debris using its naturally occurring electro-positive charge

– Multiple stages of infused micro porous foamTM disk media in tandem, each stage comprised of a unique proprietary formula engineered to target a specific group of contaminants

– Catalytic GAC (granular activated carbon) with enhanced carbon media to help improve taste, odor, and performance in contaminant removal


The FS10 FULL SPECTRUMTM filter is engineered for unsurpassed performance and maximum contaminant reduction. Independent lab reports show the ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUMTM reduces/removes a broad range of over 220 contaminants including VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS, and micro-organisms. Helps improve taste and odor. Contains no resins or beads.


Your #1 Choice in Under Counter Water Filters!

ProOne® Water Filters offers affordable water filtration systems to help improve the quality of your water. Dedication to innovation, extensive testing, and exceptional customer service is our commitment to you! Get the Most tested, Most trusted Under counter water filter on the market today!



Click here for lab report (now includes HAA5)

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Weight 3 lbs
Filter Dimensions

4.5" x 10"


30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 1-year limited warranty


2 reviews for FS10 Under Counter Replacement Filter

  1. Don Goss (verified owner)

    The filter works great. Easy to replace.

  2. burnly6736 (verified owner)

    Amazing filter system. We use our FS10 to run our fridge ice/water as well as counter top water spigot. We typically run a filter for 18months as during the dark years (2020-) we had one around 24months and it became noticeable that it was past due. System is easy to change a filter as long as you have some shutoffs, run some water through allow it to rest and run more through than its ready to go. Have never seen any organic growth one of these filters; opposed to the ceramic gravity filters. Absolutely the best filter system company on the market. Proud to support a MICHIGAN company,

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