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Little upgrades can truly improve quality of life. Experience the remarkable difference a high quality shower head water filter can make in your daily routine, helping you achieve softer hair and skin, as well as peace of mind in the safety of your water. 


The ProOne® ProMax Chrome Handheld Shower Head Filter is made from ABS plastic and is BPA free, to ensure no unnecessary chemicals leach through to your water. The filtration system helps remove 200+ harsh chemicals and contaminants, including VOC’s, heavy metals, lead, pesticides, chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and odor. It also helps control common shower buildup issues such as scale, algae and bacteria. 


Love your shower experience again and say goodbye to dry skin with the choice of 5 functions on this attractive chrome handheld shower head, with a 6ft hose and swivel massage head for ultimate comfort. At a high-output flow rate of 2.0 gpm, the easy-to-install filtration unit provides all the flow and comfort you crave in a high quality shower head, while improving the quality of your water supplies.


The ProMax shower filter cartridge comes pre-installed in the system, so all you need to do is install the shower head onto the existing shower arm. After 6 months, replacement cartridges will help maintain a top quality filtered shower experience.


ProOne® ProMax shower water filters are engineered for unsurpassed performance and maximum contaminant reduction, and made universal to fit 1/2” NPT, ISP, and BSPT pipe thread standards. Each stage of filtration utilizes a unique proprietary formula of infused microporous foamTM disk media in tandem designed to target a specific group of contaminants. 


Shower head is rated at 2.0gpm.  

Easy to install. Includes a roll of Teflon tape.

Includes 6ft hose.

Up to 6 month filtration capacity.

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 11″

Wand Dimensions: 9.5″

Replacement Filter: PM-RF

Best operated at 80 psi and 100º F. 

The ProOne® PM-9006H handheld shower filter has been 3rd party tested and meets the requirements for Title 20 compliant in accordance with the California Energy Commission and California law as this applies to maximum shower filter flow rate of 1.8gpm.


Get the ProOne Advantage with Your Next Countertop, Gravity, or Whole Home Water Filtration System!

ProOne Water Filters require no electricity, are easy to install, and can remove up to 220 contaminants. Enjoy the taste and feel of clean, refreshing water in your home! Get your home water filtration system today!



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Weight 3 lbs
Hose Length



30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 1-year limited warranty (Unit), 6-month limited warranty (Filter)

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11 reviews for Chrome Handheld Shower Head Filter

  1. Brandon Kordic

    Love it. I use it for my son’s baths and even brought it on a 2 month RV trip to filter the questionable campsite water. Will keep buying.

  2. Carissa Grossman (verified owner)

    We love our new shower head and filter! We have been using it for a couple weeks now.
    The water pressure in our shower actually increased after installing this. It’s lovely.
    Already enjoying the benefits of the filtering on our skin and hair. Can’t wait more time to pass and more healing from our horrible town water.
    Have a back up filter on hand, curious to see how long one will last us.

  3. Carissa Grossman (verified owner)

    Love our shower filter! Feeling the effects of better water already after just a couple week using it.
    We even have better water pressure now.

  4. Tania Williams

    I absolutely love my chrome water filter. The water pressure is great and I love knowing that I have clean water for myself and my family.

  5. Matthew Rice (verified owner)

    Really happy with this purchase. The water pressure is great, the options for spray pattern are nice to have and vary enough to keep things interesting. But most of all is how it has changed the smell of the water. It no longer smells like chlorine and I can shower happily knowing that I’m not breathing it in and drying my skin out in the process. Easy to install

  6. Deborah (verified owner)

    Will never take a shower again without this filter. Love it!

  7. Benjamin Smith

    Vast improvement in water filtering and pressure. However, when I removed it in order to move to a new address it just kept spitting out carbon black water. So now I have to replace it.

  8. David (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the pressure coming out of it which was my concern at first. The pressure from the Pro One is better than the previous shower head I had with no filter.

  9. Rachel

    Best water filter in the game

  10. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Very easy to install, did it in less than 5 minutes! Our water feels much softer and I now feel comfortable with my whole family using the shower. Thanks for an awesome product!

  11. Megan Abell

    It’s incredibly easy to install, and the water pressure is fantastic. My hair and skin feel noticeably different, much softer and less itchy! I highly recommend anyone to upgrade to a ProOne shower head!

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