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In a perfect world, clean, great tasting water would pour from every tap, free of odors, harmful chemicals, bacteria and protozoa or other contaminants. We’re closer to this reality than ever before, with national regulatory systems in place to ensure water quality, and more than 92 percent of the tap water systems in the United States meeting all necessary EPA regulations

Additionally, local water utilities are required by federal law to provide customers with an annual Consumer Confidence Report, detailing the chemical makeup of their tap water and listing any possible contaminants. But concerns are rising regarding aging lead pipes, pesticides, mercury, unregulated chemicals such as pharmaceuticals and other potentially toxic substances in both tap and bottled water. 

These days, home water filters are less a luxury and more of an essential home item for affordable healthy living. A home water filter is the sensible solution to provide a household with safe and clean drinking water free of odors, harmful chemicals, minerals and particulates. There are a great many types of water filters available on the market to aid in water taste and cleanliness, but it’s essential that your filtration device be certified by the NSF – a public health organization that develops standards and provides certifications with the mission to improve global human health. 

Due to its severe health dangers, lead is highly important to filter out of your tap water as much as possible. This requires a water filter that is either NSF/ANSI Standard 53 or NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified. On the NSF website you can search for specific suppliers and product codes to see if they are NSF certified. 

Your options for water filtration systems at home are numerous, and your choice depends on the amount of water your household or organization will consume daily. Explore a few options below. 

Water Filter Pitchers:

Water Filter Pitcher

These inexpensive water pitcher filters fit easily in the refrigerator, and remove compounds and chemicals such as zinc, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide which can significantly improve the taste and smell of your drinking water. 

ProOne’s Water Filter Pitcher is made from BPA and BPS free food grade materials, and uses an advanced gravity filter technology instead of the traditional “pour through” filter. This allows a greater reduction of contaminants in your drinking water (200+ contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, lead and heavy metals). In traditional water filter pitchers, the filter sits in the filtered water, potentially allowing cross-contamination of your drinking water. The unique design of the ProOne Water filter pitcher positions the filter upright in the container, out of the filtered water, eliminating the potential for cross-contamination and ensuring the purest possible drinking water.

Offering a 54-oz filtered water storage capacity, ProOne’s Water Filter Pitcher is made from BPA and BPS free food grade materials, and includes a removable fruit/vegetable infusion tube. It is independently lab tested and proven to reduce/remove 200+ contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, lead and heavy metals, while leaving in beneficial minerals in tap water.

Faucet-Mounted Filter:

Screws directly onto standard faucets or wall-mounted faucets with minimal installation, and filters the water as the tap flows. Kitchen faucet filtration systems are convenient for household drinking water. Materials and flow rates will vary depending on brand and model. As water contaminants vary by locality, check to make sure the faucet-mounted filter you’re choosing removes the contaminants that most concern you.

Countertop Filters:

Polished Big+ with Stand

Ideal for filtering large quantities of water without modifying plumbing, these gravity fed water filters sit independently on a countertop for easy access to drinking water. They use the pressure of gravity along with the filter to remove contaminants from water, without relying on plumbing or electricity to function. When the reservoir is filled, the weight of the water feeds the liquid through the filters, into a tank beneath the filtration system.

ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter delivers a 3 gallon storage capacity to suit your daily water consumption needs. The unique countertop gravity filtration system is easy to install, and uses ProOne G2.0 gravity filter technology to bring you clean drinking water free of harmful heavy metals including lead, bacteria, fluoride, VOC’s and much more. 

The Big+ Gravity Water Filter’s exclusive design makes it easy to view how much water is in the lower container simply by lifting the upper container. The sleek stainless steel frame allows the Big+ to mirror its environment to perfectly adapt to its surroundings. 

All ProOne filters meet NSF/ANSI standards, and feature ProOne® G2.0 “all-in-one” NSF/ANSI-42 component certified filter technology – the smarter filter™. 

Under Counter Water Filters:

These filters are installed directly into the plumbing system, often connecting to a water line under the sink. However, these may require drilling a hole in the countertop, or dispensing water through a separate tap. 

The FS10 Under Counter Water Filter is an under counter water filter system designed to meet the needs of virtually any home and family, safely removing a broad range of over 220 contaminants including: VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS and micro-organisms. Independent lab tested to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, P231 and 401 standards, the FS10 is made from BPA-free durable Polypropylene, and requires no electricity.

Inline Refrigerator Water Filters:

Inline water attach directly to your cold-water main in a simple installation. While generally designed for household refrigeration and ice making, these versatile filters are perfect for RVs, boats and commercial water coolers.

ProOne® Universal Inline Filter for refrigerator/ice maker features new ProMaxTM Filter Technology. This removes over 200 contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, Lead, Fluoride, PFOA, and more. Helps improve taste and odor. Easy to install. The filter housing is made of BPA FREE plastic. One-piece self-contained design – no separate filter cartridge to replace. Connects to the water supply line going to the refrigerator. Works with 1/4” copper or plastic tubing. This inline water filter for refrigerators includes a mounting clip.