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Why Give Pets Filtered Water?

Do you give your pet tap water? Wondering if filtered water is a better alternative? In households across the country, our pets are truly members of the family. You may care so much for your pets that you spend hours researching the best products and practices for raising healthy animals. From food, to treats, toys,...

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Why You Need a PFAS Water Filter

Have you tested your tap water for contaminants? Are you overlooking PFAS? According to an article from CBS, “studies that show half of the country’s tap water could be contaminated with potentially toxic compounds” like PFAS. States with multiple sites of PFAS contamination include Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, and...

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The Importance of Regular Water Filter Maintenance

Does your filtered water have a bad taste or smell? How often are you replacing your filters? Replacing your filters and performing regular maintenance on your water filter system is important to keep it working properly. A clean system will filter out contaminants more efficiently, keeping your water clean while removing any bad taste and...

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Michigan’s Problem with PFAS

Are you a Michigander? Are you worried about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in your water? You’ve likely heard of PFAS and were told to avoid the foam that accumulates around the shore and in the dams of rivers, but how serious is Michigan’s problem with PFAS? The Detroit Free Press calls PFAS contamination “Michigan’s...

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Can Water Filters Help During a Boil Water Advisory?

Has a boil water advisory been issued for your location? What does that mean? A boil water advisory is a notice issued by your local public health department or a government notification advising customers to boil tap water before consumption due to possible pathogen contamination. This means your water could contain contamination such as bacteria...

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Celebrate Clean Water with ProOne Water Filter Pitchers

Did you know that March 22nd is World Water Day? Do you know how you’re affected by water sanitation? World Water Day was created by the United Nations, and is all about promoting awareness of water waste and water sanitation. The United Nations states that, in conjunction with the Be the Change campaign, World Water...

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How Natural Disasters Can Affect the Water System

Did you know that most natural disasters involve water? How does that affect your water supply? Turn on the news these days and you’re almost guaranteed to see extreme weather and weather-related disasters like drought, extreme cold or heat, floods, landslides, tornadoes, and other violent storms. You may breathe a sigh of relief when your...

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Invest in Wellness with a ProOne Water Filter

It’s a new year! Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions? ProOne may be able to help with these resolutions: Drink More Water – Water filtered by ProOne filters has a great taste that makes drinking water more enjoyable! Improve Wellness – Want better looking hair and skin? A ProOne shower filter can help...

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What are Forever Chemicals?

Are you drinking unfiltered water? Do you want to remove persistent contaminants? Did you know that some contaminants take decades to break down? Forever chemicals, also called PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances), are chemicals found in everyday items, such as makeup, cookware, clothing, and industrial materials. They can enter the water system, food chain, plants,...

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What are the Benefits of ProOne Pressure Systems vs. Reverse Osmosis?

Is clean, fresh water important to you and your family? Do you want to improve the quality of your home’s water? You may have heard of reverse osmosis water filter systems. These systems work by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane that allows water molecules to move through, but blocks contaminants and dissolved solids. Instead...

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Hexavalent Chromium Leak in Michigan – Remove Contaminants with ProOne Water Filters

Have you heard of hexavalent chromium? Are you concerned it could be in your water?

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Is Bottled Water What You Think it is?

Do you think of bottled water as pure and free from any contaminants? You may be surprised to know bottled water is not as pure as you think! No water is completely free from contaminants and the standards for bottled water are actually based on the standards for tap water, according to the Centers for...

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How to Remove PFAS From Your Water

Have you been seeing news coverage about the “forever chemicals” found in America’s water supply? Wondering how to remove these chemicals? Luckily, poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, known as “PFAS,” are removable. What are PFAS? PFAS are a class of over 3,000 chemicals that take years to break down. PFAS are often found in products that...

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How A Water Filtration System Can Help Reduce Microplastics

Have you been hearing more about microplastics recently? Microplastics have been in the news after a study came out that asserts humans may consume a credit card’s worth of plastic every week. What Are Microplastics? Microplastics are plastic debris particles less than five millimeters in size. There are some microplastics even smaller than this called...

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What You Should Know About Well Water

Does your home use well water? The majority of American homes get water from a private well. The advantage of well water is that it’s your water. You don’t have to pay to use it and you can use as much as you want. It also doesn’t have the chlorine and fluoride that’s added to...

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Do ProOne Countertop Water Filters Remove Fluoride in Water?

In a word: Absolutely. Fluoride, lead and chlorine are just 3 of over 200 contaminants removed/reduced by ProOne water filters. But first, in order to understand what we’re dealing with, let’s take a step back and explore what water fluoridation is, and why it’s in our water supply.  What is Fluoride? Why is Fluoride in...

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How Can You Make Your Water Taste Better?

We all understand the importance of staying hydrated, given that our bodies use water for essentially everything they do. As a measure of general health, vitality of skin, body temperature and overall functionality, the benefits of drinking water are obvious. But not all water is equal – if you’re drinking from the tap at home,...

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Is Mineral Water Good For You?

The “specialty waters” market has reached unprecedented levels of popularity, with virtually all the leading soft drink companies promoting various flavored mineral waters, sparkling waters, glacier-sourced or filled under a full moon in a bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals.  Not all commercial waters are worth their exceedingly decorative packaging, however. While it may be a...

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5 Other Uses For Filtered Water at Home

People are increasingly using water filters at home, due in part to its convenience and increasing status as an essential item for affordable healthy living. They prevent waterborne disease and harmful substances from entering our bodies, and provide better tasting and smelling water.  However, there are other household uses for filtered water that will likely...

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What is The Best Water Filter?

How often do you think about what’s in your water? Given the exploding industry around milk alternatives, or the casual nuance people speak of the differences in how their beef and poultry are raised, it’s a surprise that we don’t put more cultural emphasis on quality of water in the home. We all drink water...

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