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Our Story


Welcome to ProOne® Water Filters. From our humble beginning in 2010 operating a website selling preparedness products, Steve Steinway, ProOne® innovator, and citizen scientist, set out on a mission to develop uniquely engineered water filters using the most advanced broad-spectrum contaminant reduction filter technology. Since its inception, ProOne® has grown to be a leader in gravity and pressure water filtration systems for home and personal use.

Says Steve Steinway,  “Life is complicated enough, your water filter should not be. We have taken a unique approach to water filtration. We believe transparency is key to understanding how our filters perform and therefore we opted to present extensive testing to NSF/ANSI standards done by an independent certified lab with actual lab reports published on our website. In addition, we’re proud to say the ProOne® G2.0 gravity series filter carries the distinguished NSF/ANSI-42 component certification not found with other brands.”

Through innovation, extensive testing, and exceptional customer service, have we gained the trust and confidence of our valued customers. Everyone raves about the great taste of the ProOne® G2.0 gravity filter.  That’s what prompted us to develop our new ProOne/Coldstream countertop and under counter pressure filter.

We enjoy talking with all of you and look forward to serving your needs when it comes to water filtration.

Steve Steinway
ProOne® Water Filters