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Welcome to the new home of ProOne®. This re-branding strategy reflects our focus on expanding the iconic ProOne® brand of water filters as we introduce new proformance driven filter technologies and quality products. ProOne’s ownership, staff, and location have not changed. ProOne is not affiliated with any other company and continues to be operated by its founder and chief innovator, Steven Steinway. For more information regarding this announcement, please send your inquiry to support@prooneusa.com.


ProOne® Water Filters offers affordable water filtration systems to help improve the quality of your water. Our products are uniquely engineered to help reduce even the latest undesirable contaminants and water pollutants. Visit our lab reports for details on all ProOne® filters.

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Gravity Systems

Our Gravity Systems are ideal for countertop use and are simple to set up. They require no electricity or plumbing to ensure easy use. Just pour water into the upper container and allow it to percolate through the filter(s) and into the lower storage container. Available in 5 different sizes. Includes ProOne® G2.0 ceramic gravity filter(s). Recommended for daily use, travel, office, outdoor or have on hand for preparedness or emergency use.


ProOne is pleased to announce our stainless gravity systems are now COMPLETELY NSF CERTIFIED, including the ProOne G2.0 series filter and stainless steel gravity housing.

Gravity Systems

Pressure Systems

From point-of-use to point-of-entry, ProOne® offers many styles of shower, refrigerator, counter top, under counter and whole house water filtration systems. Featuring ProOne®/Coldstream and ProMaxTM filter technologies.

Pressurized Systems

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Backed by quality you can taste, We at ProOne® understand the importance of providing complete and transparent information to help assist you in your decision-making process

Our Filter Technologies

ProOne® G2.0 Gravity Filter:

While we were not the first to offer gravity filters, our team of dedicated professionals has certainly excelled in developing the most advanced gravity filter technology offered on the market today. We’re proud to say the ProOne® G2.0 series filter carries the highly regarded NSF/ANSI-42 component certification that helps make us known for our “all-in-one” gravity filters.

ProOne® filter technologies are like no other.


ProOne®/Coldstream (Pressure) Filter:

Like the great taste and hi-performance of the ProOne® gravity filter? You can now find the same technology available in our pressure filter product line.

ProMaxTM (Pressure) Filter:

The same goes with our pressure filters featuring ProMaxTM filter technology.  Based on our innovative infused micro porous foam technology, our ProMaxTM filters finish the job that our competitors could only start. With broad spectrum contaminant reduction, ProMaxTM is much more than just removing chlorine and chloramines.


Why drink just any filtered water when you can drink ProOne® water!


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See lab reports for details.

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